Singing is way of forgetting the trials and tribulations of your day,or week we come together and sing.  Those trials and tribulations are now replaced by singing, you may say I can’t read music, well it’s not required, so long as you have a heart for singing and a listening ear you will be fine.  We meet at least once a fortnight, we sang at the Christchurch festival in July 2014 and we had only rehearsed in total 24 hrs at two hours at a time the church was full.  Some of us make cakes and chat during the break, we call ourselves Local Vocals.  In case your worried, we are all on a walk in our lives.  But the road is where we choose to go by our own will or that of where we are in our lives at Christchurch we are a group of all sorts from the local area.  Come and see what we are like cost is nothing xx