• I joined Local Vocals two and a half years ago, after been encouraged to give it a go by a friend who was already a member.

    There was no audition (thankfully J), just a friendly welcome from Jay the choir leader and members of the choir. We are a group of varying singing abilities.

    We sing a variety of songs from gospel and classic pop to modern pop. We learn new songs as well as revisiting old favourites and Jay is always interested in suggestions from members. Soloists are encouraged to volunteer to sing parts of certain songs, but there is never pressure to do so. There is nothing better than when a new song we are learning suddenly comes together.

    We always stop half way through for tea and cake and that is time for a chat, catching up with old and new friends.

    The choir performs on average three times a year at church fairs, care homes and charity events such as Red Nose Day.  When leading up to a performance, we commit to working hard to achieve a high standard. Performances I have been involved in have always gone down well with our audience and we all feel good afterwards and go away feeling proud to be part of Local Vocals.

    Thursday nights are fun. Whatever the mood you are in before you go it is well worth the effort. I find singing quite therapeutic and if not in a great mood when I first arrive, I go home feeling happier!

    Judy Pickup
  • Singing is way of forgetting the trials and tribulations of your day,or week we come together and sing.  Those trials and tribulations are now replaced by singing, you may say I can’t read music, well it’s not required, so long as you have a heart for singing and a listening ear you will be fine.  We meet at least once a fortnight, we sang at the Christchurch festival in July 2014 and we had only rehearsed in total 24 hrs at two hours at a time the church was full.  Some of us make cakes and chat during the break, we call ourselves Local Vocals.  In case your worried, we are all on a walk in our lives.  But the road is where we choose to go by our own will or that of where we are in our lives at Christchurch we are a group of all sorts from the local area.  Come and see what we are like cost is nothing xx

    Margaret and Jack
  • I can’t read music but have always loved singing, usually with no-one else around, so when I heard about Local Vocals and how friendly and relaxed it was, I decided to give it a go.  A lovely group of people who made me feel very welcome, and Jaimie is a wonderful tutor.  The fact no one has to do an audition certainly appealed to me, and I haven’t missed a rehearsal since I joined.  Our first ‘live’ performance at Christ Church summer fete in July 2014 was an incredible experience, and I am really looking forward to resuming our rehearsals again in September for our next performance.

    Pauline Aylmer
  • Local Vocals is a fantastic part of my life.  After a stressful day at work I cannot wait to relax with a group of people who just love singing, because that’s what Local Vocals is; a supportive, encouraging place full of people who love to sing.  It’s what a choir should be.

    Laura Craft
  • It was so lovely to be back singing in a group but I never imagined all the new friends I would make.  We have so much fun but also with our fantastic teacher who is a true inspiration, patient and encouraging, and gives her time freely.  We all want to do well as a way of saying thank you for Jay’s hard work and it’s so emotional when it all comes together.  Thank you Jay and long may Local Vocals continue and go from strength to strength, we couldn’t do it without you and it’s so uplifting brilliant xx

    Carol Cork
  • I’ve always wanted to be part of a choir/singing group as I did in my childhood and had no idea when asked to be a key holder at the church, how big the group would end up and it’s still growing. I can only attend once a month because of other commitments but enjoy it so much and everyone is so friendly, Jay is such a great teacher, Local Vocals is going places!

    Heather Bisset
  • I originally joined Local Vocals “for a laugh” with a friend. I do love a good sing song and only joined to be more involved with my Church community. However, upon attending a couple of sessions, it was very obvious Local Vocals was going to be so much more than just a laugh and sing song.  Jaimie is without doubt an inspiration. She gives so freely (quite literally); she is incredibly patient and makes every rehearsal fun and enjoyable.  I have also made some lovely new friends and being part of Local Vocals means being part of something special.  Regardless of what mood I’m in before the rehearsal starts, I always leave feeling happy and uplifted – I can’t wait to start again in September.

    Kim Readman
  • Local Vocals, chicken soup for the soul. We are such a mixed bunch but everyone is so supportive of each other and that and the sound we can make lifts the soul even on a dark day!

    Charlie Stevenson
  • Local Vocals gives me a sense of well being and a purpose. I’m always lifted after our singing sessions no matter how I feel before. Thanks to Jaimie for making it all happen.

    Michelle Bond
  • My daughter and I joined Local Vocals at a very dark time in our lives.  It has helped us both so much, singing lifts our spirits and we have fun with lovely people. Jay is an amazing teacher and I feel we have achieved so much already!  I can’t wait to start again after the summer break.

    Kathryn Little
  • We have such fun on our Thursday evening together we practise but we also just laugh and laugh and in a very short time thanks to Jamie we can actually sing. I have met a lovely group of people who are now friends.  After only a few weeks of training we did our first concert and so many people said how professional it sounded, really looking forward to getting back together in September.

    Liz Carter
  • Local Vocals has helped lift my spirits after a devastating loss... It’s fun, you can have a laugh and no one judges you… I love going.

    Sarah Overy